We Stand By Our Dogs

companionWe stand by our dogs.




What does that mean?



It means we don’t want any of our dogs going to a rescue facility. Ever.



We want to know who is adopting our dogs and keep in touch because we care about them. We’d rather they didn’t get moved from one home to another and another….

That if, for any reason, you decide that having the puppy you’ve adopted isn’t working out for you, we will take them back at any point you can no longer keep them. We will  find them a better-suited home one way or another. We believe in our dogs and trust that there’s someone out there who is a good match if you aren’t.


That said, we might try to talk to and see if there’s a way to make it work for you, or help you out somehow. If you have one or more of our pups, it’s because we went through considerable effort to choose you from amongst many. We think you’re nice people and really thought it would be a good match.

But sometimes things happen.

If you must return a dog, depending on the age and our situation (i.e. heat cycles), we may have to ask you to get the dog spayed or neutered before returning them to our rather sizable pack of related dogs.

We consider this to be a remote possibility because we really try to find “Forever Homes” for our pups. But ou cooperate r guarantee is to for the good of all concerned to find a solution that works for everyone.


We’re also available by phone or email for questions, concerns, advice, or just to stay in touch with families who adopt our dogs. We LOVE to see pictures and hear reports of their lives as they grow



10/10/15: We’re currently raising money to save the lives of two puppies from previous litters!

No panic actually, they’re already saved….but we went into debt for it! The story is about two brothers who, even at 8 months old, are performing their guardian duties admirably on a 160 acre dairy farm. This family loves and needs these dogs to keep the coyotes away from their livestock. One of the dogs guards and protects their little adopted (autistic) son. But alas, a family member had a serious health issue and landed in hospital. While the family was gone, the pups went on an adventure~the river, the fishermen, all the way to town….and into the pound.

Not once but twice. The second time the family called us in tears asking what to do. We were able to find a friend who was willing to put up the money to bail these two beautiful pups out of jail and everyone is happy! Now we owe $450 and we’re gratefully receiving any size contribution anyone might want to offer us. On behalf of the pups, we thank you!

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