A dog’s puppyhood matters! It’s the foundation. How they respond in life to their environment and people depends on what puppyhood was like for them.happydewberryface

Our puppies are surrounded by love from the day they’re born. happyface


They’re never alone, surrounded by both human and dog family 24/7 as well as livestock. happyface1











They live on a rather wild and beautiful forested homestead far from roads and neighbors. Their survival depends on them making good choices, like knowing their way home through the forest, and not running off alone. Navigating in forest and dense underbrush teaches them some advanced skills.


Their puppy days are spent eating (includes lots of bone-gnawing),


play/fighting, napping, hanging out with the sheep and going for organized “perimeter walks” as they get old enough.






They spend most of each day in the same enclosure with the sheep and it’s enormously fun for them~and relaxing~ lots of family time, in general a very positive experience for them and they’ll carry that throughout their life.



This litter is fortunate enough to have been raised by/with teenager puppies. Teens have a LOT of energy, much more than younger pups, and plenty more than adults…..resulting in some extreme play/fight training at a young age for this group. If you want a dog that can seriously hold its own against predators, these guys are well-prepared.



They learn to defend their own food this way too. You don’t want any one else eating the dog’s food after all, so it’s a necessary trait for an LGD.


cabin1The puppies have a dog door to the cabin and can come and go at will. They never feel excluded, lonely or confined. If they cry someone is there to find out why.




Their time spent in the sheep enclosure is super-fun for them and they don’t want out~except for the occasional challenge of getting out! Once out all they want is back in….




It’s lots of fun there and they quite enjoy it.






These dogs get extraordinary amounts of exercise to go along with the extra good nutrition. The beautiful wild setting means the older dogs have a serious job to do. The pups love and pay attention to their elders and learn what it means from a very young age to be a homestead and livestock guardian dog.

Large breed dogs take longer to mature and have more to learn. We’ve seen puppies still nursing at 16 weeks! We like to let nature take its course as much as practical. At 8+ weeks, our current litter is just beginning to be ready to go to appropriate homes~in other words to homesteaders who already have older LGDs on-site, they’re old enough. Others may want to wait, it depends on individual circumstances.


















Teenage Guardian Dog tending puppies helping mom
Teenage Guardian Dog tending puppies helping mom


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