Older Dogs

Some people prefer to adopt older LGDs with more experience.  There’s no doubt about it, it takes a lot of time, energy and attention to raise puppies. It helps to have a balanced pack with trained adults. We kept a couple pups from the last litter for an extra time for people who might want that. It gave our older dogs an opportunity to train the young dogs that they helped raise from puppyhood. It’s good for them. Also, some people might want to adopt an older half-sibling with a puppy. This can be a great combination.


Currently Simon and Moby are the older dogs in training. They’re 5+ months old  and both excellent guardian dogs. They both adore puppies -actually any kind of babies including lambs– and, even though they are powerful strong dogs, they are gentle enough to take care of even newborn lambs or puppies, or puppies recovering from salmon poisoning. Even more impressive is that they can play really rough with the most wound-up puppies and never hurt them. Puppies with salmon poisoning often wander away in delirium. These older pups kept a close eye on them. They had just been through it so they understood. When the lambs were born they stuck close by them too. Sometimes older lambs get rough with the pups, but they don’t mind, they’ll either try to lick the lamb’s ears and make friends, just take the abuse, or leave. They’re solid.

Simon loves our cow. He’s the only dog who wasn’t afraid when it came. (she’s HUGE!) Simon spent the whole first night with her voluntarily. He was born in the sheep pen and taken care of there by an older sibling and the sheep until we went back to get him! Simon has leadership qualities.

Moby is friendly and unassuming. He’s a great family dog. He loves love and loves to PLAY! He loves to find interesting toys. He gets along with EVERYONE! He is a bit timid on his own especially new things or new people. He may have a bit of sibling attachment going on. He would make a great support for a more outgoing dog. These guys have been trained to stick around home too, a big plus.

moby and simon

All that said, now that we’re here, it’s not as easy to re-home them as we had hoped. They’re quite attached to their family. They can move beyond this with the right situation and the right family who’s willing to work with them, preferably a working farm with other LGDs. We often hear from folks who started off with only one LGD and soon realized it’s not enough. This could be a good way to go for someone  looking for an older dog/team mate to add to the LGDs they already have. If this sounds like you and your situation, let’s talk. We really want to find a good home for these guys, they’re great dogs.


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