This is mom and dad watching pups work on a freshly butchered cows head. This is good for the development of teeth & gums, neck and jaw muscles~and teaches cooperation and sharing. Our Olympic Mountain Guardian dogs have been raised for 3 generations on a traditional nutrient dense and prey based diet. They have strong genetics and vital foundations for healthy bodies to carry them through. If they continue this diet throughout their life, they will be strong, live long and thrive. The best nutrition enables optimum growth both physically and mentally. We provide abundant quantities of organic food including fresh bones and organ meats, bone broths, meat, eggs and dairy including kefir, fermented meats and veggies and limitless natural chewies as hooves and skulls. A typical meal includes lentils cooked stovetop with stock/bone broth & meat, nettles or other veggies and then baked with eggs and lard and served with kefir. They love it!

After much research we decided to supplement this diet with the BEST large breed puppy chow available~of which there are only 8 or 9 brands that are acceptable.

This is not the cheapest or easiest way to feed puppies….by any means. We do it because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. We do it out of love and a genuine sense of devotion and concern for our dogs. We also believe that in the long run, it is actually more economical to raise dogs like this. Have you been to the vet lately? Vet visits aren’t getting any cheaper. We believe most dog diseases are avoidable by proper nutrition.

drinking milk
drinking milk

When our dogs do have health challenges (like an injured paw or something) we first reach for natural remedies~essential oils and herbs. They work amazingly well. There are exceptions of course~like when they ate the dead salmon by the river and got the poisoning~we went straight to our good vet who helped us save them. But normally essential oils and herbs is what saves them.

Daily exercise includes perimeter walks and constant opportunity for sibling and parental play/fight training. This current litter has had exceptional play/fight training because, besides their adult trainers, they’ve had teenage pups helping out since the day they were born! They’ve had some extreme training and are excellent in battle. If you’re looking for a dog that can actually hold its own against a pack of coyotes or wolves, this is exactly the kind of early-puppyhood training you want.

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