Canine Health and Wellness

We depend as much as possible on natural methods of caring for our dogs. We’d rather feed them really well and give them herbs and foods that support them starting since the day they’re born.

There’s things the vet is for. Like when our dogs ate wild salmon at the river and almost died. The vet saved them.

Vets administer rabies shots too, which apparently we still have to have in this country because bats have rabies. But recent studies have shown links to cancers and other troubles like hip dysplasia, due partly to rabies vaccines.

And other partly to spaying and neutering. That’s right. Look it up yourself. Recent studies coming out of places like the UC Davis Veterinary Medical school, show that spay and neuter, especially early, are responsible for the overwhelming numbers of tumors, cancers and hip problems that American dogs are experiencing.

We’ve all been told the spay and neuter mantra. All responsible pet owners must spay and neuter. But here are these beautiful healthy dogs and we’re going to take them into town to have important parts of their bodies surgically removed.  I find I can’t move. Why must we do this? Why can’t dogs have normal vasectomies or tubal ligations like people do? It seems that the answer is simply because none of the 26 veterinarian schools in this country teach young vets how to do it. They only know spay and neuter. Is it really the best for the animal? No. But it’s hard to find a vet who can perform the more simple, less-invasive surgeries. It’s possible, but as of today these procedures tend to be quite expensive and hard to find.

lambs and dogsinbarn

In the meantime, we got a kennel. We’re building a really nice dog run in the barn area too. Our non-breeding females in heat are never left alone unless they are in an absolutely secure zone. Our males are not crazy monsters but more like polite gentlemen who have a definite pack-order. Not all males are allowed to breed and that decision is made within the pack and supported by us. The non-breeding intact males are incredibly loyal to the alpha dogs and the whole pack.

As for fleas, now there’s a story. When our breeding male was a puppy we actually broke down and used one of  the commercial one-spot anti-flea medicines and he almost died from it. Three days of our beautiful little puppy stumbling and convulsions…luckily he lived through it and we swore to never do that again. When this flea season came around, he had puppies and we knew we couldn’t treat them with commercial medicines.

So we joined DoTerra. We started giving our puppies baths and rubdowns and combings with lavender, rosemary and best of all Cedar~actually Juniperus Virginiana. We learned about DoTerra from other families who have adopted puppies from us. We were surprised to learn that at least 3 of our adopting families are DoTerra members. So we gave it a try. We’re new, so we have a lot to learn about it all, both the company and the oils, but for sure their oils are the real deal and they really work and lots of people say so…

The essential oils are good for dogs for lots of reasons (but not cats!) from fleas to injuries to emotional issues to sickness. We’ve used them on our sheep too, to keep flies away. And to treat thorns and cuts in paws and hooves.

We’d love to encourage you to join DoTerra too. If you want you can contact us for more info on all that.

We use homeopathic remedies too. We find for dogs that resist being treated otherwise, homeopathic remedies can be a good way to go.


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