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Olympic Mountain Homestead and Livestock Guardian Dogs

We couldn’t do it without them. Our small pack of hybrid and full-blood Great Pyrenees are the greatest thing on earth. We began our homestead adventure with one stellar ¾ GP who came from a large working cattle ranch. We added another~a full-blood….and now we have~you guessed it~more great dogs:) including some really great puppies! We call them Homestead Guardians because they care for and protect livestock, people and the whole homestead all at once. Our pups have been raised on an active farm in a rugged forest environment and trained by working adult LGDs. They are fed a nutrient-dense traditional and prey-based diet and are extremely healthy. They are well-loved, well-socialized trauma-free puppies. People who have adopted and/or experienced our pups have been amazed at how sweet, intelligent and competent they are.

1cutepupwithsheepImagine this: Our homestead is in the midst of thousands of unfenced timber acres abounding with wildlife. Starting out on raw land, we’ve had poultry and other livestock consistently including ducks & chickens, pigs, goats and sheep and a milk cow. We’ve established multiple gardens and planted hundreds of edible orchard species. Since the beginning there has never been even a single deer or elk nibble anything, in fact not even a sighting…not any predator attack of any sort including raptors…which are plentiful in the area.  There are bobcat, cougar and bear in the area and large herds of elk pass nearby frequently. We hear coyotes nightly. Just to let you know what a feat it is.

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Not only do our dogs keep the whole homestead predator-free, they are part of the family.  Besides being entirely competent; powerful, agile, intelligent, and fearsome intimidators, at home they’re loving, sweet, gentle, funny and even compassionate. All of them, even the puppies will gaze deeply and lovingly into our eyes for a long time.

They do not attack human intruders but they do bark and let us know. They seem to have a good sense of people. Different people elicit different alert barking and some not at all. They do let us know if they think there’s a threat or if someone is approaching but as a rule they do not approach people or bother anyone. It’s not their business. Coyotes. Bobcats. Bears. Those are their business. Possums, skunks and raccoons…now you’re talking!


Convention tells us you shouldn’t make pets of LGDs in order that they bond with their flock/herd. But today’s homesteader wants to be friends with their dogs (especially big adorable ones) and, understandably, most homesteaders want protection for their homes and selves too.playingwithpapa

Great Pyrenees are capable of all that and then some. For instance, they are awesome parents and co-parents (all the dogs are totally involved in puppy-care and training whether parent or not)…but being loving family members does not distract them from their predator-control duty. They are devoted to their people, their flock, their pack and their home AND they can protect it all at once. They work as a cooperative team. They instinctually know how to do their job well. Really well. And we find that the better you treat them the better they work. They like to have places to be dry and warm and out-of-the-weather because in the normal course of duty, they come home wet and cold a lot. They also are fulfilled by complex family relationships and need to spend time in the den with the family/pack. They like their home life and will protect it. If their source of food is good they’ll protect that too. In other words, it’s our experience that a healthy balanced pack is easily able to keep predators at bay while still having time to relax. And that makes them good companions as well as effective working dogs.grazingtogether

Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs have a 5000-year history of selection and breeding to protect flocks of sheep from predators. Their natural ability, intelligence and instinct are legendary. Homesteaders today can still benefit from their protection.


We have pups available to good homesteads.* They’ve been raised on nutrient-dense natural food and their health glows*. Their coats are soft and shiny. They are strong and vigorous…as well as well-adjusted and well-socialized, raised by both parents, siblings, aunts and uncles ~and human family~ on a working farm. With livestock.

We stand by our dogs!* (please see related page)


These are trauma-free, well-adjusted puppies that will grow into solid citizens and loving family members for your farm or homestead.* The trend today is to adopt rescued dogs. We think this is noble and honorable work~for the right people in the right situation. But we also hear so many stories of rescues-gone-awry, from scary to frustrating and it’s our opinion that not everyone is cut out for rescue. Most small farmers and serious homesteaders have enough on their plates and would benefit more from a dog who will help them 24/7 rather than needs help 24/7.

dewberryandpupsrunningGuardian dogs work best in teams/packs. We will give preference to homestead families wishing to adopt sibling pairs or who already have adult LGD~one or more.* Interested families should still do their research. Read up on Great Pyrs and make sure they’re right for you.forest and puppies

* indicates more info on related pages~ keep reading!